Counseling vs Legal Battles: A Look at the Benefits of Choosing Counseling for Child Custody.

The battle for child custody can be one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences for parents. It can feel like a monumental struggle to prove to the court that you are the better parent or to protect your child from an unfit parent. While some situations require legal action, counseling can be a better alternative in others. Here are some of the benefits of choosing counseling over a legal battle when it comes to child custody.

1. Counseling helps you to focus on your child’s needs:

Legal battles can become very adversarial, as both parents seek to discredit each other in the eyes of the court. In the end, the focus is often lost on what is actually best for the child. Counseling, on the other hand, is centered around the emotional well-being of the child. It can help parents work through issues and develop a co-parenting plan that will be in the best interest of their child.

2. Counseling can be a more cost-effective solution:

Legal battles can be extremely expensive. Attorney fees, court costs, and mediation fees can quickly add up. Moreover, lawsuits may drain parents emotionally and take away time and effort from focusing on their child. Counseling is generally much more affordable and will not leave parents financially drained.

3. Counseling can improve communication and minimize conflict:

Successful co-parenting requires effective communication between both parents. Counseling can help parents learn to communicate more effectively and productively with each other. When parents can work together effectively, it can help to minimize the conflict between them and provide a stable environment for the child.

4. Counseling can provide a neutral platform for discussion:

The court process can be intimidating for parents, and the adversarial nature may hinder them from speaking openly and honestly about their concerns. Counseling sessions often provide a safe, neutral space for parents to communicate in a non-threatening environment.

5. Counseling can help the child adjust during the transition:

A third party figuring out custody arrangements can be very traumatic for a child. Counseling can help parents work together and support their child’s adjustment during the transition period. A supportive environment can reduce the stress of the custody battle, allowing children to adjust better.


While legal battles have their place in some cases of child custody disputes, counseling can be a viable alternative to consider when it comes to working through custody issues. Counseling can provide a solution that is focused on the well-being of the child, fosters a respectful relationship between parents, reduces expenses, transparent communication, and a neutral environment, which can positively impact the overall proceedings. Ultimately, counseling can provide parents to create a sustainable and healthy environment for their child during one of the most important parts of their development.

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