The Dos and Don’ts of Dating as a Divorced Mom

Dating as a divorced mom is not an easy task. When you have kids in the picture, you are not just thinking about yourself but also considering how your choices might affect them. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you navigate the dating world as a divorced mom.


1. Be open and honest with your kids: When you decide to start dating as a divorced mom, be open and honest with your children about it. Let them know that you are going out and who you are going out with. This will help your children feel secure and included in your life.

2. Take it slow: Take time when entering a new relationship. Don’t rush things, and take the time to really get to know the person you are seeing. This will help to prevent heartbreak and also ensure that your children are comfortable with the new person in your life.

3. Set boundaries: Setting boundaries is crucial when it comes to dating as a divorced mom. You need to prioritize your children’s needs over your own. So, you need to ensure that your new partner understands your boundaries and respects them.

4. Trust your instincts: When it comes to dating, always trust your instincts. If something feels off or not quite right, it probably isn’t. Ensure that you listen to your gut feelings and don’t ignore them.


1. Introduce your children too soon: It may seem like a good idea to introduce your children to your new partner, but it’s important not to do it too soon. Take the time to get to know your partner before you introduce them to your kids. This will help to ensure that your children are comfortable before they meet your new partner.

2. Neglect your children: When you start dating, don’t neglect your children. Your children should always be a priority, and they need to know that they are loved and valued. Ensure that you are spending quality time with them, and don’t neglect them in favor of your new partner.

3. Expect too much: When you start dating again, don’t expect too much from your new partner. Remember that relationships take time, and it’s important not to rush things. It’s OK to take your time and enjoy the process of getting to know someone new.

4. Ignore red flags: When you start dating, it’s important not to ignore red flags. Listen to your gut feelings, and don’t ignore any warning signs. Ensure that you are putting yourself and your children first, and don’t make any compromises that might put you or your children in danger.

In conclusion, dating as a divorced mom is not easy, but it’s possible to make it work. Remember to take it slow, set boundaries, and prioritize your children’s needs over your own. With time and patience, you will find the right person who will fit perfectly into your life as a divorced mom.

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